goritax's Story

During our way build a startup to make a meaningful life by helping others, the two friends realized that building a company is not a simple thing.They have to manage a lot of things; not only marketing and sales which is the life source of the company but also have to deal with the accounting, tax and other routine administration, and they know that they can’t afford to hire a good staff. In the end, they have to face two conditions at that time, the first one is to hire fresh graduate staffs, nurture them in order of their lack of experiences and still to raw in analyzing issues.

To truly understand a business, you have to wear all of the hats before you can take some of them of.

A new way of working has born

After struggling month by month, the team realized that they can ride the “sharing economy concept” by using other resources and get the discount price because we do a method of “hiring the staff for limited amount of time”, as we call them a “freelancer”. Using a freelancer like opening a new way of working by having a lot of advantages such us : getting more knowledges from the freelancers without any requirement to teach them anymore, because sharing would be enough, no need to pay insurance, bonus, and other hustling things.

A world of opportunities

So, here they are, two team manage to persuade lots of curated experts, they build goritax and with their team help, together they verify every single expert, present and provide the experts to SME and startup in affordable price and they develop a platform with tools to facilitate the experts and clients.

Our Mission

To help SME business growth and fulfill their potential.

Our Vision

We want to ensure SME businesses fully understand the basic fundamental of accounting and comply with tax. This will help businesses to use their budget effectively by lower the administration cost and generating more sales opportunities, thus helping to achieve their objectives and generate a solid Return on Investment from their total employee cost spend.

goritax's values

  • Put our employee first.
  • Make our community life easier.
  • Inspire others to share and make value.
  • Always be Innovative.
  • Have a strong sense of urgency.